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河南快3和值多钱 www.gdzkkj.com.cn   Investor Common Question

  1,Share transfer time: every Monday-Friday AM 9:30-11:30, PM 13:00-15:00. For some reason to stop transfer during trade time, the trade time will not postpone.

  2,Precatory stock unit is shear, The new third board trade rule that each trade quantity is not less than 30,000.00 share, when the balance in the account is less than 30,000.00 share, then can be sold one-time.

  3, Declaration is effective on current day, investor can repeal the undealed part

  4, When investor sell share, investor should entrust the main sponsor of this share that ever buy it for them, if investor entrust another main sponsor to sell this share, investor should apply share transfer trusteeship.

  5, Investor buy and sell the share of listed company, should open securities account and fund account, and sign securities buy&sell entrustment agency agreement with main sponsor

  Investor open securities account should issue it as per China Settlement Rules

  6, At the same time, natural person who meet following condition can apply to participate share public trade of listed company.

  (1) Investor have more than RMB 3,000,000.00 securities asset on his own name before trade date. Securities asset include: client trade settlement funds, stock, funds, bond, broker collective investment etc. except for credit securities account asset

  (2)Have more than two years securities invest experience or have accountant, finance, investment, finance and economics etc related professional background or training experience.

  Invest experience time is counted from investor buy the first stock on National Share Transfer System, Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange platform on his own name.