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河南快3开奖和直结:Automobile industry automation system

河南快3和值多钱 www.gdzkkj.com.cn   Our company is endeavoring to develop toward the automobile industry on the original basis of automatic control system about metal plate and strip surface treatment production line. We have designed the automatic control system about the automatic polishing production line for automobile hub, high pressure water automatic cut line for the automobile inner decoration and automobile assembly line successfully, which are in use.

  The automobile line adopts the designs of modularization and integration, which can realize automatic adjustment and assembly according to the production line rhythm. On the meantime, use the mechanical hand to install the tire, dashboard and seats, which improves the quality of the production and reduce the workers” labor intensity to a large extent.

  The automatic control system of the whole process applies the distributed control method. The task is completed by the order given by the monitor computer with the WinCC configuration in the centralized control room. Besides, our company provides a large investment and technology support to the control architecture, hardware painting, field whole line, control interface, software library and staff training in the automatic control system of the automobile production line.

Technical Parameters